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Conceal & Carry Classes

Kansas Conceal & Carry Licensing

If you’ve been thinking about getting your concealed weapon permit, this is the place to start. We’ll explain the application process step by step and begin your CCW training set forth by the State of Kansas. The course covers introduction to handguns, safe handling and storage of firearms, firearms care and maintenance, legal issues relating to the use of deadly force, use of deadly force, preparedness for confrontations, firearms manipulation, marksmanship, and practice.

 A permit fee will be assessed to anyone wishing to obtain a Kansas Conceal & Carry license.

Friday Sept.18, 2020- Concealed Carry Class 9:00am  8 hours  $50.00

Saturday Sept. 26, 2020- Concealed Carry Class 9:00am  8 hours  $50.00


To sign up for the classes please go to:


Not a Victim  Susan Hutchcraft (Instructor)