2429 Iowa Suite B, Lawrence, KS 66046


Shooters Memberships

Shooters Gun Club offers membership packages for individuals, couples, and families. Memberships include no range fees. Customers may bring their own target and ammo but pickup your own brass. Unlimited Shooting unless busy.


Shooters accepts walk-ins daily.


$1900 - $27

Daily Walk In

One Person / One Lane or Two People / One Lane
One person or two can share a lane. Guaranteed one hour. If you have to leave, keep your receipt and come back the same day to continue the fun.
$7500 - $130

Punch Cards

5 Punch or 10 Punch Cards
Come in and get your card punched for a full day of fun!

Single Membership

One year contract with monthly payment
One year contract with monthly payments

Pair Membership

One year contract monthly payments
One year contract with monthly payments

First Responders

One year membership for First Responders
One year contract for First Responders paid monthly